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The Mesmerizing Pangong Tso Lake

Today, let's dive into the serene beauty of one of nature's most charming creations, Pangong Tso Lake. Set against the mighty Himalayas, this lake offers a picturesque view that is a feast for the senses. But what makes Pangong Tso Lake so special? Who discovered it? How can you get there? Tag along as we sail through these questions on the calm waters of Pangong Tso Lake. Pangong Tso Lake: A Tranquil Marvel Nestled between India and Tibet in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, lies a sparkling blue gem: Pangong Tso Lake. This endorheic lake spans an impressive 604 sq km area, stretching as far as the eye can see. It's a quaint spot that promises solitude, peace, and a calming connection to Mother Nature.


Experience the wonder of India's majestic Pangong Tso Lake

Where is it Located? Pangong Tso is located at an altitude of roughly 4,350m in the Himalayas. It spans across two countries with 60% of its length extending into Tibet, which China currently governs, and 40% in eastern Ladakh, India. Who Discovered Pangong Tso Lake? The credit for making this natural marvel popular goes to the Hindi film, 3 Idiots. But do you know who discovered it? This beauty was first brought into the world's purview by a British army officer, Lieutenant John Biscoe, in the 19th century. A Journey to Pangong Tso Lake The journey to Pangong Tso Lake is almost as rewarding as the destination itself. One has to drive through the challenging and awe-inspiring Chang La pass, the third highest motorable road in the world. The journey offers picturesque sceneries that are truly a spectacle to behold. How to Get There? You can reach Pangong Tso Lake from Leh, which is approximately a 5-hour drive. Buses, taxis, and motorcycles are common modes of transportation, and each offers a unique experience. However, ensure to equip yourself adequately for the heft of altitude sickness due to the high elevation.